Exam Day


The examination will be administered as a computer-based exam at a licensed testing facility. The test has been designed to provide ample time for the typical applicant to analyze and respond to all examination items without time pressure–and it is recommended that each item be answered.

You are asked and allowed to bring with you only:

  1. The test admission form sent via email.
  2. A photo id (i.e., drivers license, passport, etc).

No other technical materials or resources, printed or written material, electrical devices, or persons will be permitted in the examination room. Candidates may not consume food or drink in the examination room but may leave and return to the examination room as required (with an escort provided by the examination administrator).

At the examination site, you will be provided with:

  1. A source of unique conversion factors and formulas required for the solution of examination problems.
  2. Pencil and scrap paper.

The applicant will, however, be expected to know basic engineering factors, relationships and values such as the acceleration due to gravity, etc.

To preserve examination security, written materials or notes may not be removed from the examination room. Candidates with physical or medical conditions requiring special provisions of any kind should make those needs known to the TPCB at the time their application is submitted.

A candidate who receives or gives assistance to another, or possesses proscribed materials or devices will be required to leave the examination room and his or her examination will not be scored.