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The Transportation Professional Certification Board (TPCB) in collaboration with a wide array of transportation- and safety-related organizations in the United States and Canada announces the availability of a new Road Safety Professional (RSP) Certification beginning in October 2018. The goals of the RSP certifications are to recognize road safety as a profession, to establish a recognized level of practice and knowledge, and to incentivize safety education.

Read the January 2021 ITE Journal article on RSP Certification

With more than 40,000 lives lost annually on highways in the United States and Canada and the growing attention on improving public safety through initiatives such as Toward Zero Deaths, Vision Zero, and the Road to Zero, the RSP represents an important step forward for the safety profession. The RSP certification provides for professionals involved in a wide array of safety-related disciplines to establish their competency in providing for the safety of the traveling public.



Level 1: Those achieving Level 1 certification will have demonstrated proficiency in the foundations of road safety principles. The exam is for a broad audience of professionals who in the performance of their work make decisions or take actions that potentially impact the safety of the traveling public. This includes those in the engineering, motor vehicle, behavioral, law enforcement, and emergency response communities. 

There are 3 exam periods throughout the year: February, June, and October. For deadline information, click here and for information about exam locations, click here

Exams are administered by Meazure Learning, a recognized certification and licensure testing company, and managed by the TPCB with support from the Institute of Transportation Engineers.


TPCB would like to express its gratitude to the Federal Highway Administration, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and all the organizations which dedicated funding to make the RSP certification a reality.


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