Professional Resources

While TPCB does not endorse or require participation in any of the programs from the providers listed below, they are being provided as a service to individuals seeking Professional Development Hours (PDHs) for the PTOE, PTP and RSP certifications. This list is in no way exhaustive and PDHs may qualify that may not be listed here. Typical qualifying and non-qualifying activities are also listed.

Personal or professional development programs such as LeadershipITE will only count for up to 10 hours toward the renewal of your PTOE or PTP certification and up to 5PDHs for your RSP1 certification. Most credits/hours must come from traffic operations, planning or road safety depending upon which certification you hold.

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Professional Development Hour Resources


Typical Qualifying Activities

  • Completing or attending courses, seminars, instruction, in-­house programs, or training of engineering or surveying content related to the licensee's field of practice
  • Attending technical or professional society meetings when an engineering/surveying topic is presented as a principal part of the program
  • Teaching a course for the first time or teaching a course previously taught if substantial time was spent in updating material
  • Attending satellite down­link video courses where attendance is verified and program material meets the requirements
  • Completing computer software instructional courses that relate to the improvement of one's business or profession
  • Completing management or ethics courses that relate to the improvement of one's business or profession
  • Completing correspondence courses on an engineering/surveying topic where lessons are prepared and returned for correction and/or grading and where testing at the end of the course is required

Typical Non­qualifying Activities

  • Regular employment
  • Self-study
  • Personal self-improvement
  • Service club meetings or activities
  • Equipment demonstrations or trade show displays
  • Topics not relevant to engineering or surveying professions
  • Enrollment without attendance at courses, seminars, etc.
  • Repetitive attendance or teaching of the same course
  • Attending committee meetings or general business meetings of any organization
  • Annual membership payment to any professional organization