Schedule a TPCB Certification Exam

  1. File the appropriate application with the TPCB. Applications forms are available by clicking the link for the certification you are seeking and then clicking on Application Form.
  2. The TPCB will notify you and Castle (test administrator) if you are approved to take the exam. If you are not approved the TPCB will notify you as to why.
  3. Castle will send you a “notice to schedule” in order for you to schedule a testing session via Castle’s online test scheduling system. The “notice to schedule” will provide you with a username and password, which will allow you to access the online test scheduling system.
  4. The online scheduling system will initiate the scheduling process by requesting that you verify appropriate demographic information. Next, the system will assist you in selecting an available testing center by location and date.
  5. You will receive confirmation of the test locations and date via e-mail. Candidates will be instructed to print the confirmation notice and bring it to the test site on the day of testing.
  6. The confirmation notice will include the test location, date and reporting time, as well as a list of items that candidates should and should not bring to the testing center. In addition, the confirmation notice will provide information regarding a free online tutorial for candidates. The tutorial will permit candidates to interact with the test delivery system and become completely familiar with features and functions prior to testing.